Find Cheap Flights to South America with These Amazing Tips and Tricks!!
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Find Cheap Flights to South America with These Amazing Tips and Tricks!!

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Jan 9, 2018


By Gabe Scalise

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Find Cheap Flights to South America with these Amazing Tips & Tricks!

So, you are looking for cheap flights to South America? Finding cheap flights anywhere, let alone to South America can seem daunting. For many, popular destinations in South America such as Peru, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Colombia feel like worlds away. For some… they almost are (looking at you Central Asia).  Lucky for us, these popular destinations are more accessible and easy to reach than ever! As the leading custom South America Travel Experts in the world, we want to share some of our favorite insider secrets to find the cheapest flights to South America possible. Perhaps you want to find a cheap flight from Lima to Cusco to explore Machu Picchu or from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro for a quick visit to a world-class beach. Maybe adventure travel is more your style and you want a flight to Patagonia, the Amazon Rainforest, or to Quito for a scenic train ride through Ecuador. No matter the destination in South America, this list has you covered. Here we go!

ALWAYS browse for flights in an Incognito / Private Browsing Window

** This one is VERY IMPORTANT. Do Not Overlook it.  ** When you are browsing for flights, you must ALWAYS be browsing in an Incognito / Private Browsing Window. This is because search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others track your search history and they will and DO increase the cost of flights after they see you search for a flight but not buy. Searching for cheap flights to South America in an Incognito or Private Browsing Window will NOT allow search engines to see what you are searching and thus, you will not see flights increase in price when you decide to purchase them later. To browse for flights in Incognito mode or in a Private Browsing Window, follow the steps below. The way you enable an incognito or a private browsing window in Google Chrome or Safari is done by holding down Command (or “Control” on a PC), Shift, “N”. For Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, hit Command (or “Control” on a PC), Shift, “P”. If you remember one travel tip today when booking cheap flights to South America, this is the one to remember!

Check Multiple Sites to Discover the Cheap Flights to South America

The first thing to do is to always to go to and and check out what prices they have listed for airfare for your exact travel dates. Kayak is probably the most comprehensive airfare price scanner on the internet and in combination with, right off the bat, you have done a nearly complete scan of the online flight prices and deals to and from your destination. Make a note of these prices or keep the tabs on your computer open if you see a deal you don’t want to miss because these fares can change quickly.

Compare Airfare with the Airline Directly

After you have checked out what the cheapest and best airfare on and is, find a flight you liked and head over to that airline’s website directly. Search for your flight of choice and compare that price to and We have discovered that sometimes the airline’s offer unique travel specials and occasionally, even cheaper and better flight options ON THE EXACT SAME FLIGHTS then these comprehensive airfare scanning websites!

Have Flexible Travel Dates To Fly on the Cheapest Day of the Week

** This next one is a HUGE way we have been able to save on flights. ** has a really helpful feature to search for flexible travel dates. When you are putting in your destination, you will see an area that says Flexible Dates +/-, with this you can alter your departure date or return date by up to 3 days on either end. It will scan those days and identify the cheapest combination up to as many days as you selected. Just remember to do this in an Incognito (Private) browsing window! By traveling with flexible travel dates, you can often find cheap flights to South America and an Expert Travel Consultants is happy to help you figure out what you will do with your extended stay. Perhaps another city tour? Maybe take in a tango show? Perhaps another hike through Argentinian Patagonia? EXPLORE-travel-inspiration

Set up Airfare Alerts and Always Buy When Airfare is Cheapest

Setting up email alerts is a great way to always be able to buy airfare when it is cheapest. You can do this easily with and if you are planning your trip months ahead of time, it is a fantastic way to save a ton of money and book cheap flights to South America as soon as they become available. To do this, follow this link over to Kayak, sign in, and select your destination, return, as well as desired travel dates. will email you and advise you about the price of your travel, whenever it increases or decreases, and will alert you when to BUY. What more could you ask for?

Travel In ‘Shoulder Seasons’ or ‘Off-Peak’ Seasons for Cheap Flights to South America


Definition Shoulder Season: noun. a travel season between peak and off-peak seasons, especially spring and fall, when fares tend to be lower and crowds tend to be down.

Traveling in Shoulder Season is a great way to save some money and avoid the crowds and way to find cheap flights to South America. Flights tend to be quite a bit cheaper to many popular destinations during this time of year. With the majority of South America being south of the equator, it is

Book Your Whole Trip with a Travel Agency or Tour Operator

For Insider Deals and cheap flights to South America, a travel agency/tour operator is definitely the way to go! Full-service tour operations, like us at, have partnerships with airfare insiders and travel experts who can recommend and book the cheap flights to South America, along with getting you the best connections. Here at, we specialize in fully customized dream trips to South America, no matter your time frame or travel style, and will take care of all the details for you, from start to finish. Instead of spending your time researching the best airfare and flights in South America, you are able to spend more time exploring the world-class ruins of Machu Picchu, the glorious beaches of Brazil, or traveling through Colombia to the romantic city of Cartagena. South America truly is an amazing place full of colorful cultures, diverse people, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Let an expert take care of the details for you so that all you have to do is enjoy it.

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