Plan an Incredible Easter Island and Santiago Tour
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Plan an Incredible Easter Island and Santiago Tour

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May 29, 2013


By Cecile Honnorat

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Easter IslandChile is full of contrast and has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes, culture and wines. It also has one of the most mysterious places on earth: Easter Island, where the people of Rapa Nui built strange sculptures all over the island. With a Easter Island and Santiago Tour, you’ll get to see Chile’s most mysterious destination, as well as its most modern city.

Easter Island:

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 3800 kms (approx. 2375 miles) straight out from the Chilean coastline, is an island which still holds a very special mystery and magic. Rapa Nui, as the locals called it, literally means the Navel of the World. The island was discovered on Easter Sunday and thus to this day it is usually referred to as Easter Island. It has an equilateral triangular shape, with extinct volcanic cones in each of its three corners. The entire island is today considered as an open-air museum with more than 600 MOAI, the fascinating Orongo Village and many traditional people’s cave dwellings open to visitors. The great majority of the island is considered as a National Park.UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South America Among the highlights you can see on the island are: Rano Raraku, where Moais were carved out of the island’s very unique bedrock. There you can see more than 300 half-finished statues in different stages of completion – The largest is nearly 22 m tall and weighs 250 tons. Rano Kau, an extinct volcano with a deep and mysterious crater lake situated at the foot of the Orongo village. With its 600 m surface diameter it is the biggest freshwater reservoir on the island. Orongo, the ceremonial village, where the birdman culture’s king was selected. Here the houses are built of flagstone and throughout the ancient community there are many interesting petroglyphs. There are also magnificent views out over the ocean of the three little islands of Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao, where the historic, heroic quests for the egg and the Islands kingship once took place.Easter Island beach You can also see Te Pito or Te Henua, the so-called “Navel of the World”. This is a nearly spherical stone with a diameter of around 80 cm and it is claimed to have magic forces. You can also relax on Anakena, a beautiful bay with white sand, palm trees and a nice picnic place. If you want you can take the opportunity to swim in the warm waters of the South Pacific. You may also have the opportunity to visit Ana Kai Tangata, a cave where you will find remnants of drawings connected to the birdman culture.

Santiago de Chile Customized Chile ToursSantiago de Chile:

Santiago, the capital of Chile and often called the gateway to the Andes, is situated between mountain peaks and the Pacific Ocean. There you will be able to experience more of Chile contrasts as you will see the mixture between the old parts of the city such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the modern buildings of the business center. You can also make a trip to San Cristobal where you will have an excellent panorama of the city and its beautiful surroundings. The highlights of Santiago include the civic center, La Moneda Presidential Palace, the Plaza de Armas, the imposing Cathedral and the Main Post Office. You can also walk on Ahumada and Huerfanos, the busiest commercial pedestrian streets in the city. There are as well some interesting neighborhoods you can visit such as the bohemian district of Bellavista with its active nightlife and craft fairs, the residential districts of Vitacura, Las Condes and Providencia with its modern architecture and exclusive shopping malls.

Santiago at sunsetEaster Island and Santiago Tour:

In this tour you will have the possibility to see all of what we talked above and much more such as Valparaíso – the oldest port in Chile – the beautiful beaches of Viña del Mar, the Garden city – named for its many parks and green spaces. You will also be able to taste excellent wine and salmon dishes. Of course you can always customize this tour and add some destinations to make it even more complete by contacting one of our travel experts. >> View more information and full itinerary here. You can also check out our other Chile Tours here.

Interested? Start planning your Easter Island and Santiago Tour with one of our travel experts.

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