Experience the Renovated Motor-Yacht Tucano Amazon River Cruise
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Experience the Renovated Motor-Yacht Tucano Amazon River Cruise

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Oct 19, 2018


By Jon Hillstead

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Have you ever wondered what a journey through the Amazon Rainforest might be like? Recently we took our readers through the respective advantages of Amazon River Cruise vs Lodges in the Amazon Rainforest. Jon Hillstead, one of our expert Travel Consultants, sailed the Amazon River on a Tucano Amazon River Cruise.  Jon recounts his unique Tucano experience…

Drifting Among the Rainforest’s Avian Masters

The early mornings aboard the Tucano were some of the most memorable experiences on my trip to the Amazon. I remember waking up at the break of dawn and piling into the river canoes for our morning excursions. The air was cool and crisp. A heavy mist floated over the water and weaved between the trees. We set out slowly, the whirring of the engine pushing us toward the day’s adventure. The sound of the engine stopped as we crept along the edge of the bank not sure precisely what creatures we would come across. I among my fellow travelers noticed that all our eyes fixed on the massive trees that towered above us. The sounds of the birds singing their morning melodies. One of my favorite moments aboard the Tucano I remember so clearly, swinging from a hammock on the top deck as the ship cruised along the Rio Negro. I listened to the sounds around me. The gentle purring of the ship engine, the sounds of the river splashing against the sides of the bow, the call of a nearby hoatzin Bird Watching a Hoatzin on an amazon river cruise by murray foubisterwarning his mate of the approaching commotion. I peered over the railing of the ship to watch the endless canopy of trees and plants that seemed to extend into the horizon endlessly. I switch my gaze overhead, the warm sun beating down on my skin, I squint and make out a pair of scarlet macaws soaring overhead. They fly in perfect sync, almost hand in hand… or… feather in feather… as they land at the top of what must have been the tallest, and oldest tree I have ever seen. Its large branches stretched out over its trunk intertwined with coiled vines, creating a natural umbrella that hosted a flock of more species of birds than I could count. As we sailed past the tree, my gaze continued to follow the coastline of the river, ripples and waves sloshed up against the shoreline. At night, the jungle was no less alive than it was during the day. We started on the canoes into the pitch black of the night. Our guide held a torch that flickered across the top of the water ahead searching for any movement. A pair of eyes met our gaze, reflecting against the bright torchlight, it was a caiman. He sat frozen as if to pretend he was invisible, his beady eyes shining like glowing marbles floating on the water’s surface.

Meet the New Motor Yacht Tucano

A woman enjoys the view from the Motor Yacht Tucano on an amazon River Cruise

To begin your sailing journey one the mighty Amazon, consider the Motor Yacht Tucano. This newly remodeled cruise allows you to experience the Amazon-like no other. With countless small touches to enhance its cozy space, some of the many upgrades include new glass walls, transforming the boat into an open-air water boat, and creating a larger, brighter more stylish space.  Now you can get clear visuals of the landscape, varying sounds of the wildlife outside of the vessel to the flower-scented breezes wafting into the carrier. Other options of exploring Amazon waters include the six-night Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon cruise and the four-night Amazon Odyssey cruise. With the 4-night you still get a great experience, and you still venture out into those tributaries, though you go farther with the 7 days meaning more opportunitiesFamily and Friends Enjoy the Deck on the Tucanos Amazon River Cruise to see a wide range of wildlife. Just know that both our cruise routes are extraordinary experiences deep in the Amazon Rainforest. The crew and staff of the Motor Yacht Tucano hope travelers around the world will join in on an exploration deep into the heart of the greatest wilderness on earth, only offered on these expedition cruises.

Book Your Amazon River Cruise Aboard the Tucano Now!

We’re here to help answer any of your questions! Please contact an Expert Travel Consultant. This entry was written by our very own Jon Hillstead.

Three images of the Tucano River Cruise. The Rooms, a kayak side trip, and the ship itself complete with solar.

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