Best Time to Visit Peru
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Best Time to Visit Peru

When is the Best Time to Visit Peru?

The best time to visit Peru is between June and August when the Andes experience the dry season. Destinations such as Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Kuelap, and Machu Picchu are popular during this time. However, the rainy season is still a great time to explore Peru. Visit the whole coastline from mid-April to mid-October, including the Nazca Lines, Paracas, Ica, and the archaeological sites in the north.

Peru weather can generally be split into two main seasons. From mid-April to mid-October, the Andes are in the dry season and this makes these months the most popular time to visit destinations such as Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, and the Colca Canyon. This is also the best time to visit the Chachapoyas area of Peru, such as the impressive Kuelap ruins and Gocta Falls. From late October to April, the Peruvian Andes enter what is known as the rainy season – but this is not similar to monsoon season in Asia and constant heavy rain is unlikely.

For beach go-ers, mid-April to mid-October are the warmest months in places such as Mancora, Peru’s beach resort in the north of the country. Also, the whole coastline of Peru is good to visit during these months, which includes the Nazca Lines, Paracas and Ica, and Peru’s archaeological sites in the north around Trujillo and Chiclayo. Additionally, Peru’s Amazon region is a year-round destination the main difference being high or low water season. The high water season coincides with the rainy season in the Andes and is good for Amazon River cruises in particular.

Visiting Peru in Spring: September to November

woman hiking the Inca Trail in Peru in the spring

Spring in Peru (September – November)

September to November in Peru is considered the shoulder season. The shoulder season is a fantastic time to travel to Peru as the weather is getting a bit warmer as the summer season approaches. The Andean highland is a great region to explore as it will be sunny and dry with cool temperatures in the evening.

Peru Weather in the Spring

Along the coast, it is heating up at this time, and rainfall is almost zero. In the Andes, by October the number of days with some rainfall is around eight as the region approaches the rainier time of year, but is not too wet yet, even for trekking. In the Amazon, river levels rise towards November, fed by rainfall in the Andes.



20ᵒ C / 68ᵒ F

Machu Picchu

27ᵒ C / 80ᵒ F


33ᵒ C / 91ᵒ F

Top Things to Do in Peru in the Spring

Go hiking while the peak season settles down! The Inca Trail is still pretty dry in September, whereas if you visit in October or November, the trail is still accessible but the rainy season is quickly approaching. Besides the popular Inca Trail, you can also consider hiking the Colca Canyon, visiting the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, and more.

Visiting Peru in Summer: December to February

sunset in Lima Peru in the summer

Summer in Peru (December – February)

From December to February Peru experiences the summer season. During this time, the skies along the coast are crystal clear blue and warm temperatures are consistent.

Peru Weather in the Summer

Along Peru’s desert coastline, this is the hottest time of year. In the Andes, the temperatures are a little higher than the rest of the year, but this is the rainiest time of year by a considerable amount. Rainfall tends to be in sharp bursts, constant heavy rain for a whole day is not common. This is high water season in the Amazon, which means it is a nice time of year to consider a river cruise from Iquitos.



26ᵒ C / 79ᵒ F

Machu Picchu

23ᵒ C / 73ᵒ F


31ᵒ C / 88ᵒ F

Top Things to Do in Peru in the Summer

December marks the official start of Peru’s beach season. Locals enjoy warmer temperatures and ocean breezes as they head to the beaches for sunshine and great waves. In Lima, travelers can enjoy views over the expansive coastline and experience the unique culture of Peru during one of the many festivals of Summer, like the Festival of Lima.

Visiting Peru in Autumn: March to May

Sand desert in Huacachina Peru in Autumn

Autumn in Peru (March – May)

Autumn in Peru is from March to May. During this time, temperatures are very comfortable and rain starts to diminish in the Sacred Valley, leaving travelers the ability to explore the beautiful green terrain with dry days. Also, along the coast, travelers can enjoy dry sunny weather, ideal for swimming, surfing, and exploring the coastal cities like Lima. While the fall season in the northern hemisphere can consist of rain and cold weather, autumn in Peru is an ideal time to explore.

Peru Weather in Autumn

In the Amazon, water levels start to fall during this time. In the Andes, from April rainfall drops and the mountains start to enter the dry season.



24ᵒ C / 76ᵒ F

Machu Picchu

7ᵒ C / 45ᵒ F


31ᵒ C / 88ᵒ F

Top Things to Do in Peru in Autumn

It’s easy to find things to do in Peru during Autumn due to the comfortable weather. This is an ideal time to visit Peru’s coastal towns, as the climate is dry and the weather is warm enough to enjoy the beaches like taking a trip to the coast, enjoying Peru’s holidays and festivals, go sand-duning in Huacachina, or hiking the Colca Canyon and watch for Andean condors.

Visiting Peru in Winter: June to August

Sacred Valley Peru during the Winter Season

Winter in Peru (June – August)

Due to its location in the southern hemisphere, Peru experiences winter from June to August. During this time, the very famous Inti Raymi festival (Festival of the Sun) occurs, as well as excellent weather for visits to Cusco, Puno, and Arequipa.

Peru Weather in the Winter

This is the peak of the dry season in the Andes and considered the best time to visit destinations such as Cusco and Machu Picchu. Days are typically clear with strong sunshine and cool nights. This is low water season in the Amazon. Lima often has a light drizzle in these months and is overcast. The rest of the coastline has little precipitation and is cooler at this time of year.


19ᵒ C / 67ᵒ F

Machu Picchu

2ᵒ C / 36ᵒ F


30ᵒ C / 86ᵒ F

Top Things to Do in Peru in Winter

The best things to do in Peru in the winter consist of being outside! Unlike other areas of the world, the start of the winter season (June) in Peru is the driest. This makes trekking ideal, as well as exploring cities and the Amazon Rainforest. Exploring the Sacred Valley and visiting ancient ruins in the interior of Peru is also very popular in June.

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