How to Choose the Right South America Itinerary
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Multi-Country South America

How to Choose the Right South America Itinerary

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Jun 28, 2019


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Last updated on November 25th, 2020 at 01:44 am

How to Create the Best South America Itinerary

Want to visit South America? Well, you’ve got lots of options, which is both good news and bad news. On the one hand, you’ve got a lot to choose from. On the other hand, how do you make the right choice? Aside from looking at reviews and ratings, how do you narrow down your options? Start with the guidelines that we’ve listed below. Whether you know which countries you want to visit or just have a general idea, these tips will help you choose the right South America itinerary for you.

Step #1: Choose Your South America Itinerary Activity

Couple drinks red wine in South America vineyard

Here’s an easy start: think about things to do in South America. You can think broadly or specifically. Either option will help you make your travel choices. Let’s go broad for a minute. Do you want to see lots of nature while in South America? Want to go on lots of exciting adventures? Then you can choose your tour based on those options. Or maybe you have something more specific in mind.

For example, for those looking for a wine tasting tour, you might look to Mendoza, Argentina, or the Casablanca Valley in Chile. If hiking and trekking are more of your styles, you might prefer a trip to Patagonia. In any case, knowing what you want to do can help you choose the right tour and destination. If your touring company lets you choose from lots of different South America itinerary types, and guides you to the destinations ideal for the activities you’re interested in, then you’re on the right track.

Also, common misconceptions about the “right destinations for you” are put to rest with the help of an experienced travel consultant. For example, you might first consider traveling to the Amazon to spot rare flora and fauna. When the reality is if you’re looking to see as much wildlife as you can on your tour, then a travel expert would tell you that it’s the Pantanal that really is the place for you. The foliage isn’t as dense, leaving bird-watching and jaguar spotting to be easier for the traveler.

So while you should have the freedom to choose what it is you want to do on your trip, an experienced tour operator is the best resource to help you narrow down what destination you should choose based on your preferred activity.

Step #2: Find a Top-Notch Team

Woman sitting on a rock in the Chilean Mountain range

Next, look for an excellent organization that offers superior South America tours. But how do you know what makes a top-notch team? It’s a great idea to explore websites and look for reviews during this stage. What you’re looking for is a tour operator that will organize everything. From flights to hotels to guided excursions, the best teams will take care of all the details. This way, you can just relax, take in the sites, and enjoy your trip.

It’s also important that your team has 24-hour in-country support while traveling. That way, while on your trip, you have support to handle any situation (should it arise). There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless in a foreign country, and that is where 24-hour in-country support while traveling can save what could potentially be a real damper on a vacation.

We highly recommend finding a top-notch team that has superior reviews, who will organize every aspect of your tour, and who offers 24-hour in-country support so that you can let go of stress and enjoy your holiday. 

Step #3: Customize Your South America Itinerary

man holding tablet with map

Now, just because your team is organized doesn’t mean that they should limit your experiences. Some touring companies only offer strict, cookie-cutter tours with no customization options. These tour options tend to be more economical, but the value of the tour significantly drops. Consider the type of trip you’ll get when it’s pre-packaged compared to fully-customized to your travel style and preferences.

Instead of experiencing a city or site with a group of strangers, visit the city or site with only your friends and/or family and your private guide. Rather than traveling on the time-frame of the group, be in control of the timing of your tours, transfers, and excursions. Instead of taking a public or group transfer, be chauffeured throughout South America via private car. The value of a South America tour greatly depends on the ability to customize the tour

Also, if there are specific things that you want to do and see during your tour of South America, let your touring company know. The right team will help you go beyond pre-packaged trips, and allow you to fully customize your trip so that you get the most out of it. Enjoy having the ability to participate in the activities of your choice, and not succumb to the choices of a group. Don’t settle for anything less.

South America Itinerary

Still in search of the perfect South America itinerary? We’re here to help. We offer all the above traits and so much more. Start customizing your trip with us today.

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