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South America Travel News

Podcast on Affordable Travel in South America | SouthAmerica.travel

3 min read

Sep 24, 2015


By Michelle Beetham

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Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 03:00 am

Listen to this 9 Minute Podcast on affordable travel in South America!

SouthAmerica.travel CEO, Juergen Keller, joins host Ric Bratton on “This Week in America” to discuss affordable travel options in South America.  Tune in and learn about the diverse landscapes, cultures, and activities available throughout South America. listenButton_opt (1)

Question: It’s that time of year again.  If we don’t like being cold we need to go to South America and traveling to South America right now is really affordable, talk about the pricing and why it’s an attractive destination?

Juergen Keller: South America is finally returning to normal, after 10 years of providing commodities to China, the currency in South America became quite expensive. Suddenly prices in Rio de Janeiro were higher than those in New York.  But now, the demand from China has normalized and the currencies have returned to their normal level making South America affordable again!

Question: In terms of access from the United States, how easy is it to fly to South America?

Juergen Keller: As economies have developed and the middle class in most South American countries have become wealthier, there has been an increase in the demand for flight options.  More airlines have begun flying to South America from many major US cities.

Ten years ago, you could only fly into the largest cities in South America and then take tiny connecting flights to your destination. Now, you can take direct flights from Miami or Houston, and many other large US cities. A bonus to traveling to South America from the US is that you will stay in a similar time zone and can avoid jet-lag.

Question: In terms of activities, you can find just about anything you’re looking for can’t you?

Juergen Keller: Absolutely! No matter what you want, we can do it. We have options for adventure, luxury hotels, education, or historical sites. Don’t see South America as an extension of Mexico, the continent as a whole is much more diverse. In Southern Peru, Chile, and Argentina, there are European populations with European traditions and foods, such as Italian cooking and amazing wine.

Then there are countries like Brazil, which are more influenced by Africa and have very unique traditions like Carnivals. “Whatever you’re looking for, we have it, you can see Glaciers in Patagonia or the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and Ecuador. In South America, it’s all just here waiting for you!”

Question: You often talk about experiencing local life. Often when we travel we get caught up in traveling with large groups of Americans, and we miss out on the culture. How important is it to see the local culture?

Juergen Keller: While there are destinations in South America that tourists flock to, such as Machu Picchu, we like to give our travelers time to merge with the local culture. In general, South America isn’t overwhelmed by tourists. If you bring a little time, and curiosity, you will see a lot of rich local culture.

Question: You talk to people all the time that have taken their first trip to South America. What’s it like when they get back and respond to you and your staff at South America.travel?

Juergen Keller: It’s completely different, a lot of people have experienced Europe, North America, and Asia. But here the diversity is so apparent. “At SouthAmerica.travel we try to see what kind of traveler someone is and then customize their trip accordingly.” Most people want to see everything. Then, after a whirlwind 14 day trip through Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, they can be overwhelmed by so many new things. So, they tell us they want to go back and just see Brazil again.

Call us today and let us plan your customized tour today. Call 1-888-900-5060.

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Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 03:00 am

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