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Fuerte de Samaipata Bolivia Tours

Fuerte de Samaipata

An unparalleled archeological site, Samaipata is divided into two distinct parts and is dominated by an enormous carved rock that is homage to the pre-Hispanic culture, traditions and beliefs of the people that once thrived here. The ancient city is separated into the hill, believed to have been the ceremonial center, and to the south, the residential area.

Fuerte de Samaipata is a Bolivian national treasure and pride and attests to the extraordinary urban planning, architectural, and artistic skills that the pre-Columbian civilizations possessed.

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The nearby town of Samaipata, in the Santa Cruz region, is within walking distance of the ruins. You can also take taxis or even ride motorbikes in the area. The town offers some pleasant cafes, which even have WiFi, despite the remoteness of the area. The hike to the Samaipata pueblo is about 16 km round-trip. There also are hikes in Amboro Park, where guides are recommended. ... Show More

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