Things to do in the Amazon Rainforest
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people sitting in canoe enjoying views of Amazon
people sitting in canoe enjoying views of Amazon

Things to do in the Amazon Rainforest

As one of the world’s most vital ecosystems, the best things to do in the Amazon Rainforest involve activities connecting with the rare flora and fauna and meeting with the local communities. Many visitors enjoy walking the jungle trails, piranha fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and more! Our guests are concerned with experiencing as much as they can; therefore, we encourage explorers to stay at an Amazonian lodge or take an Amazon river cruise. From the comforts of your lodging, there are plenty of amazon rainforest activities curated to best fit the traveler’s level of fitness and interests.

Best Things to Do in the Amazon Rainforest:

Clipper Amazon Cruise – Traditional & Premium Cruises

1. Splash Around with Pink River Dolphins

Pink river dolphins, also known as the boto or bufeo, are one of the cutest mammals (in our expert opinion) native to the Amazon Rainforest. On the Brazil Amazon Clipper Cruise, explorers have the option to search for these smiley creatures at Janauaca Lake. They only live in freshwater making them easy to find throughout much of the Amazon basins in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, etc. Guests are sometimes even tempted to swim with the dolphins!

an up close photo of a pink river dolphin
Amazonian Food & Drink

2. Connect with Amazonian Roots During a Local Community Visit

Local indigenous tribes of the Amazon, known as caboclo villagers, have opened up their communities to outsider visits. The experience is a singular one. Get to know these rarely visited indigenous groups by learning about their artwork, homes, and cuisine. Additionally, gain a lesson on the significance of Amazon plant life and herbology. Local caboclo people will explain the everyday uses of forest resources in medicine, construction, and food.

Faces of two girls in a local Amazonian community
Brazil Amazon River Cruise Tucano

3. Navigate Jungle Rivers on a Luxury Cruise

Perhaps the best way to explore the Amazon is on a river cruise. With multiple cruise lines in the Amazon, travelers can combine a trip of relaxation with adventure. On the Brazil Tucano Cruise, a motor yacht takes guests along the Rio Negro and the Rio Amazonas as well as through flooded grasslands, tributaries, and narrow streams teeming with wildlife. While navigating through the jungle’s rivers, daily excursions are offered such as guided nature hikes, kayaking, and paddleboarding. If getting into the water isn’t of preference, watch and hear the sounds of wildlife from the deck of the vessel for a perfect view into the life of the forest and river.

photo of the Brazil Amazon Tucano cruise ship

4. Fishing for Razor-Toothed Piranhas

Whether a traveler is staying at a lodge or aboard a cruise, fishing for piranhas is one of the highlighted activities offered. Unique to South America, there are over 20 species of piranha in the region alone. The number of piranhas in the Amazon, in addition to lessons with a local fishing expert, will make catching a piranha one of the highlights of a trip. With a reputation for their carnivorous nature, travelers will be relieved to know that not all piranha species eat meat; some are ironically vegetarian. Enjoy an afternoon learning about the origins and nature of piranhas, then catch them in the river to examine them up close.

photo of a piranha's sharp teeth

5. Hear the Jungle Come to Life / Unwind & Reset in the Amazon

On a tour of the Amazon, enjoy the scope of nature around you by listening to the sounds of the jungle while relaxing on either a cruise deck or from your private jungle bungalow. After just a few minutes, travelers will come to terms with how much of a retreat the Amazon is from the busy real-world. Disregard time, lounge in a jungle hammock, sunbathe atop a cruise deck, enjoy views of the jungle, sample cocktails like the Pisco Sour or caipirinha, and let the sounds of the wild doze you off to sleep at night. Unwind and reset in the Amazon.

photo of the Anavilhanas Bungalow in the Amazon
Amazon Adventure Tours

6. Trek through the Lush Amazon Jungle

Often referred to as the “lungs of the earth,” there isn’t an ecosystem in the world as vital as the Amazon. A guided hike by a local, nature expert through this region, under the dense canopy of the rainforest, is not only a fun experience but also educational. While following the winding trails, learn about the flora and fauna unique to the Amazon, from Cashapona trees to macaws feeding on clay. Or embark on an adventure across a canopy bridge to get closer to the wildlife that lives above.

couple trekking through the Amazon Rainforest

Things to See in the Amazon Rainforest

There are so many attractions to see and explore in the Amazon Rainforest! There are approximately 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians. Some of the most popular species found in the Amazon include jaguars, sloths, pink river dolphins, caiman, and macaws. In addition to the unique and abundant flora and fauna, the natural beauty of the rainforest is a sight to see, from the rivers and the tall trees to the national parks (Yasuni National Park), Parrot Clay Licks, and canopy towers.

1. See Wildlife at the Beautiful Anavilhanas National Park

This exotic island system is located on the Rio Negro river and part of the Central Amazon Conservation Complex, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Teeming with wildlife, the innumerable islands and eerie dark waters of the Rio Negro are the perfect opportunity to observe the various species that call the park home. From pirarucu to crocodiles.

beautiful landscape of the jungle and river outside of anavilhanas lodge

2. Observe Colorful Macaws & Parrots at the Amazon Clay Licks

Macaws on the western riverbank of the Amazon have a peculiar practice. In teams of hundreds, rainbow-hued macaws and parrots flock to nearby clay formations to lick the clay. The event is a stunning scene to behold.

parrot clay lick, something you can see in the amazon rainforest

3. Say Hello to the Pink Amazon River Dolphins

The Pink Amazon River Dolphins are a cute and friendly highlight to South America and the Amazon. As their name would suggest, these dolphins are an unusual pink. Watch and say hello to these incredibly social creatures as they swim alongside the cruise ship. You can also watch them catch the river fish and crabs.

Note: The pink river dolphins can be seen from Iquitos Peru and Manaus Brazil.

an up close photo of a pink river dolphin

4. See the Capital City of Amazonas – Manaus

As the largest city in the Amazonas state, Manaus is the gateway destination to exploring the exotic rainforest. Serving as a major inland port, Manaus is loaded with all Amazonian goods and produce, from local nuts, fish, and fruit. Additionally, the city has one of the world’s top botanical and zoological gardens, a grand opera house, and an 1800s mansion, perfect for starting out your adventure through the Amazon.

photo of the colorful Manaus Opera House

5. The Meeting of the Waters

On a tour of the Brazilian Amazon, guests should enjoy journeying towards the “Encontra das Aguas” (Meeting of the Waters). Here, the two largest rivers in the world, the Amazon River and the Negro River join together for one incredible spectacle. See the contrast between the dark water of the Rio Negro and the pale Amazon River. It’s absolutely something to check off your bucket list.

Aerial view of the Meeting of the Waters

Nearby Festivals / Events

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Food & Drink

Sampling the regional cuisine and beverages of the Amazon is an incredible experience. Isolated to its own natural resources, a trip through the Amazon will ensure that meals come directly from the source. Whether you prefer meat, fish or are vegetarian, there are options. Meals include local fruit, vegetables, fresh fish from the rivers and lakes of the region (or meat), and cocktails made special to order. Have fun sampling some Amazonian staples such as farofa de majioca, manioc flour, plantains, tambaqui, and cupuacu.

Is the Amazon Rainforest Safe?

Yes, the Amazon is safe. A trip to the Amazon consists of removing oneself from the busy metropolitan cities to the beauty of the wild. In terms of nature, while the Amazon has many natural predators and venomous species, visitors are safe and in the hands of expert guides. In addition to locals who know the land, secure and comfortable accommodation helps visitors rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.

When is the Best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest?

The best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest is anytime as the climate of the Amazon remains warm, humid, and tropical throughout the year. For those who want to cruise further along the Amazon River, travel during the high-water season. For those looking to hike and explore the jungle by foot, visit during the low water season. Otherwise, anytime throughout the year is a good time to visit the Amazon.

What is the Amazon Rainforest Famous for?

The Amazon Rainforest is famous for its natural wildlife – flora, and fauna. Being the world’s richest and most-varied ecosystem, people travel from all over the world to see how the “lungs of the earth” operate. Join in on the fun and take a trip to the Amazon to see one of its many, many species.

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