Best Time to Visit Venezuela
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angel falls in venezuela
angel falls in venezuela

Best Time to Visit Venezuela

When is the Best Time to Visit Venezuela?

The best time to visit Venezuela is during the dry season, from November to April. During this period, there is the least amount of rainfall and warm, sunny weather. Additionally, with lower humidity overall, this time of the year is perfect for comfortable exploration of Venezuela’s nature. Though, Venezuela’s proximity to the Equator makes this country have enjoyable temperatures all year-round.

Venezuela weather is hot and tropical in most of the country, only cooling a little with height such as in the Andes around Merida. Weather Underground is a good source of climate information. See our Top Venezuela Tours for some inspiration, though given current difficulties in the country, we recommend you consider visiting neighboring countries like Colombia or Brazil instead.

Visiting Venezuela in the Dry Season: November to April

Stunning sunset on beautiful beach in Venezuela during Dry Season

Dry Season in Venezuela (November – April)

While warm temperatures remain relatively consistent throughout the year, the dry season is the best time of the year to visit Venezuela. From the first day of November to April, the country experiences the least amount of rainfall, blue skies, and sunshine. Travelers are able to spend the days during this period hiking, trekking, sightseeing, and enjoying plenty of other outdoor activities.

Venezuela’s weather is different in the various regions of the country. There are four main regions: the highlands, the lowlands, the central plain, and the Guyana region which includes the lush Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, the entire country sits just north of the Equator. Therefore, there are few major fluctuations in temperatures and weather throughout the year. The climate remains tropical year-round. For the best travel experience, read on for the unique qualities of each season.

From September to November, Venezuela enjoys its dry season. Known for its clear skies, warm temperatures, and dry climate, the dry season is often considered the most comfortable time of the year to visit. During this time outdoor electricity is a must, with treks easily accessible and pleasant for hiking and wildlife viewing.


Venezuela Weather in the Dry Season

29ᵒ C / 85ᵒ F


Venezuela Weather in the Dry Season

31ᵒ C / 88ᵒ F

Angel Falls

Venezuela Weather in the Dry Season

26ᵒ C / 79ᵒ F

Venezuela Weather in the Dry Season

During the dry season, Venezuela’s weather is warm and dry. In Caracas in November, expect highs of 79F / 26C and lows of 68F / 20C. There is still some occasional rainfall, but it is not nearly as much as during the wet season. By April, Caracas reaches highs of 81F / 27C and lows of 70F / 21C.

Things to Do in Venezuela during the Dry Season

The dry season in Venezuela offers travelers plenty of things to do and see. Particularly during this time, the best thing to do is hiking. With numerous national parks, impressive natural wonders and a gorgeous coastline along the Caribbean Sea, travelers will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. At this time in the year, the climate of Venezuela is most enjoyable. With decreased rain levels, precipitation and humidity, travelers can explore the diverse regions of Venezuela in comfort. Trek Mount Roraima or visit Canaima National Park’s various treks, waterfalls, and mountains. A visit to the Amazon or Los Llanos, when decreased water levels allow for optimal wildlife viewing, is also a must.

Visiting Venezuela in the Rainy Season: May to November

distant view at Angel Falls during Wet Season

Venezuela Weather in the Rainy Season

From May to November, Venezuela experiences its rainy season. Mornings are full of sunshine and afternoons experience increased downpours. Due to the rainfall, the climate becomes a bit more humid. Keep in mind that though there are increased downpours, they usually occur once throughout the day and for a short period of time. For some of Venezuela’s natural wonders, like their many waterfalls, this is a fantastic time to visit as water levels will be highest in the year.

The weather during the rainy season consists of short, heavy bursts of rainfall and consistent humidity.


Venezuela Weather in the Rainy Season

28ᵒ C / 82ᵒ F


Venezuela Weather in the Rainy Season

28ᵒ C / 83ᵒ F

Angel Falls

Venezuela Weather in the Rainy Season

25ᵒ C / 77ᵒ F

Things to Do in Venezuela in the Rainy Season

The best things to do during the Rainy season are visiting the remarkable waterfalls and rainforests of Venezuela. With the highest precipitation and water levels of the year, these areas are booming with activity. During the rainy season, Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, is at its most impressive state, with the highest water levels in the year. Visitors can also enjoy the other natural wonders of Canaima National Park, from the various falls and unique tepuis mountain ranges. In the South, Venezuela is consumed by the lush and biodiverse Amazon Rainforest. Known for its year-round rain and tropical environment, a visit during the rainy season will differentiate little than the dry season.

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