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Cartagena de Indias, the Heart of Colombia's Caribbean

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the port city of Cartagena is riddled with so many peninsulas and little bays that when you approach the city from the sea, it feels like arriving in Venice. Cartagena was the first Spanish colony on the American mainland. This historic port city features Spanish era fortress walls and San Felipe castle, used as protection against pirates. Sit on the walls in the evening, and you'll feel like an extra in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. And like Venice, Cartagena is compact enough to tour on foot. Walk through flowering balconies, pleasant plazas, visit historic convents and museums, relax on the white sandy beaches and swim in the Caribbean Sea.

You can combine a visit to Cartagena with a tour of Colombia's coffee country.

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On a Cartagena tour, you'll get to explore the first Spanish colony on the American continent. Visit its historic old town from the Spanish colonial era surrounded by walls. Visit also the Palace of Inquisition where the Spanish conquistadors used to torture, judge and convict people accused of crimes against the religion. After a city tour of Cartagena, relax on the beautiful beaches and take a swim in the Caribbean. Embark for the Islas del Rosario, visit the aquarium and enjoy a dolphin a ... Show More

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First wedding anniversary tour of Peru
First wedding anniversary tour of Peru

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