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Easter Island Tours

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, Chile's Polynesian Island

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is a Polynesian Island located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. People visit Easter Island for its incredible history, mysterious moai structures, ahu shrines, stunning beaches, volcanic craters, and more. Browse our best Easter Island Tours below to begin your journey.


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There are several optional tours to do while on an Easter Island vacation. You can go on a half-day tour of the Ahu Akivi and Seven Moais, which are positioned facing the sea. Also see the Ana Tepahu, also known as the Cave of the Banana, and the Puna Pau quarry where Pukao, the typical topknots worn on the heads of the moai, were carved. Another great option is a full-day tour of the Anakena Beach. There are several moai in a row on this beautiful white sandy beach. For more adventure, you coul ... Show More

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Five months, seven countries, highly recommended!
Five months, seven countries, highly recommended!

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