The Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires
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Argentina News

The Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

8 min read

Jul 17, 2018


By Millie Davies

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Last updated on March 24th, 2021 at 10:30 am

Restaurants in Buenos Aires Argentina

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Buenos Aires for your Argentina trip, you’ve found the list of locals’ secrets! Argentina is known for many wonderful things – incredible wine, a vibrant history, stunning landscapes, and a passionate football team. However, now it’s time to talk about Argentina’s food and drink.

While the food in Argentina is delicious, I found it a bit difficult to find diversity cuisine. I admit I am a spoiled Londoner who is used to international cuisine is readily available on my doorstep. For those of you like me, take a look at some of my favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires which offer travelers a variety of food. Here’s a list of some of the top spots for both vegetarians and carnivores on a Buenos Aires tour!

1. El Boliche de Nico’s

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires: El Boliche de Nico’s famos Steak platter

First on my list of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires is El Boliche de Nico’s. For something truly Argentine (meat feast, Malbec drenched, family-run, and unfussy service) try Boliche de Nico’s. My friend’s boyfriend took me here and since then I have been back every month! To assure you of its popularity, there was a queue of over 30 people waiting outside (as no reservations are taken) the first time we went. Don’t let the wait disappoint you, this restaurant is worth the wait.

In fact, a line means that people (and locals) like it! The place is classic, authentic, colorful, and adorned with traditional fileteado (a type of artistic drawing and lettering, with stylized lines and flowered, climbing plants, typically used in Buenos Aires). When you arrive you are immediately treated to handmade empanadas, warm bread, and some homemade dips.

The menu is very traditional and they are famous for their ‘Asados’ (Argentine BBQs). However, there is pasta, salad, and other classic dishes. We recommend the ‘Surtido de Carnes’ which comes with a starter of baked provoleta cheese, a selection of barbecued meats, side salad, and chips. This meal is more than enough for over 3 people. I recommend this place for anyone keen to eat like a local, get off the tourist track, and have a belly full of delicious steak and wine in the ‘City of Fury!’

2. La Cabrera

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires: Wine and steak at La Cabrera

Next on my list is La Cabrera. Staying with the meat theme if you are looking for somewhere a little more upmarket then La Cabrera is perfect. After my backpacking adventures, I went to La Cabrera. This restaurant will give you the traditional ‘Parrilla’ experience in a fine dining environment. Unlike Boliche de Nico’s this place will treat you to a glass of bubbly whilst you wait, which is always a nice start to your evening.

The menu is classic Argentine cuts of meat with a choice of delicious side dishes. Whilst I believe it is frequented by some locals, this is definitely a touristy hot spot due to its great location(s) in the buzzing Palermo neighborhood.

A decent meal here will be much more like prices we are used to in Europe or the USA. A steak here may cost anything from $15 USD and upwards. Plus any sides and a bottle from an extensive wine list I believe you would be looking at more like $40 USD per person. A little secret for those that don’t mind an early dinner, you can get 40% off your bill if you come here between 6:30 – 8 pm!

3. Siamo Nel Forno

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires: delicious pizza at Siamo Nel Forno right out of the oven.

Argentina is a mix of various cultures. It is estimated that up to 25 million Argentines have a little Italian descent (up to 62.5% of the total population). Way back in 1857-1940 many Italians began immigrating to Argentina. If you’re looking for Italian while in Argentina, Siamo Nel Forno is the perfect pizza spot for you!

Their true Napoletana style pizza really stands out. The simple but delicious menu cooked with high-quality ingredients (many imported from Italy) in a wood-fired oven will be a ‘sight for sore eyes’ and indeed ‘a taste for sore taste buds’. I went recently with my Italian friend and it even got a thumbs up from her! She was raised on a diet of fresh pizza, pasta…and Nutella, so they must be doing something right!

4. El Sanjuanino

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires: El Sanjuanino's delicious menu. This image has four options of delicious meal choices.

It would be a crime to Argentina and not indulge in an empanada…or five! These tasty little morsels are pastries filled with all sorts of goodies from ham and cheese, vegetables, sweetcorn, chicken, and of course red meat! You can probably find an empanada shop on every street corner and can cost anything from 50 cents to 1.50 USD each and they are perfect to fill a hole. Each region of Argentina claims to make the best empanadas, but the variety from the North (Salta, Tucuman, etc) are arguably the best!

Many Buenos Aires restaurants offer empanadas. Personally, I love my empanadas sitting outside with a beer. But if you want to head to a traditional Argie restaurant to get your fill then I would recommend El Sanjuanino as the place for you. This small chain has three locations throughout the city with one of them being in Recoleta so you cannot miss a tasty feed here.

The empanada choice is extensive with over 10 different flavors to choose from including some popular varieties from the north! The rest of the menu will also offer you great traditional Argentina fare with milanesas, pasta, and also more classic old school dishes like guiso and locro which come highly recommended!

5. Mercado San Telmo

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires; a lady in a pink shirt pondering where to go!

While the San Telmo Market may not be a restaurant in Buenos Aires, it is a great place to find delicious food. If you are indecisive and struggle to choose what sort of ‘food mood’ you are in, the San Telmo Market (which runs every Sunday) is a great place to start! San Telmo is by far one of my most favorite neighborhoods. It’s run down chic vibe would not look out of place in the hipster neighborhoods of East London. And if you can time your Argentina trip to be here on a Sunday then even better!

Whilst in the past the indoor market was more renowned for its antiques and brick-a brace stalls it is now the gastronomic hub in the city’s oldest and coolest barrio! The market offers a heavy dose of world cuisine. Here you can find everything from a traditional French bakery, Swiss raclette, typical food from Argentina, some of the best Latin coffee from the continent. For those looking for a more Asian flavor, then visit Saigon which offers incredible Vietnamese food!

The San Telmo Market has saved many food-based arguments between me and my partner. Here, everyone can grab whatever food they fancy. You can eat it ‘al fresco’ with a cold beer or a tall glass of red wine. Eat and drink while you lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the market, soaking up the wonderfully chaotic Argentine atmosphere!

6. Lucciano’s and Rapa Nui

Favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires: different icecream options at Lucciano’s and Rapa Nui

When I arrived in Argentina I certainly felt like the cat that got the (ice) cream! Thanks to their strong Italian heritage ice cream is a very serious restaurant here in Buenos Aires and is a natural part of a Porteño’s life, especially in the summer! Again you will be spoilt with a Heladeria on nearly every block and will be lured in to feast your eyes on some of the delicious flavors they have on offer.

My personal favorite is Dulce De Leche Granizado. However, they also have other interesting choices. Choose from strawberries and cream, rich Chocolate from Bariloche, coconut and white chocolate, fruits of the forest, and the forever popular Banana Split! Buy your ice cream by the pot or by the cone. Or for those of you with a real rumble in your stomach then also by the kilo!

There are s0 many great Healderias (ice cream shops) in Buenos Aires. You really should try as many as you can. Two of my favorites are Rapa Nui and Lucciano’s which are small chains here in the city and you can see several dotted about to satisfy your ice cream dreams!

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Curious about Buenos Aires and Argentina? We’re here to help answer any of your questions! Please contact an Expert Travel Consultant. This delicious entry was written by our very own Millie Davies. She originally comes from England, but now calls Buenos Aires home.

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Last updated on March 24th, 2021 at 10:30 am

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