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What is Argentina Famous For? | SouthAmerica.travel

6 min read

Feb 9, 2018


By Saloni Gupta

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Last updated on July 8th, 2021 at 10:14 am

List of What is Argentina famous for?

Argentina is the third most populous country in South America and one of the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. From the distinct and beautiful landscapes of Patagonia to the rich and artsy culture of Buenos Aires, there are plenty of reasons why people from around the world have Argentina on their bucket list. But, what is Argentina famous for?  In this article, we explore just that. From facts about Argentina food, to what the culture of Argentina is, as well as interesting facts about Argentina for both kids and adults! So follow along with us and explore just why you should plan an Argentina Vacation soon!

Here we go!

#10: Tango

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for all the couples out there, what better than a sensuous dance! Grab your sweetheart and dance to the tunes of Tango in the Tango Capital of the world, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take a look at the Top Tango Shows and decide which one you would want to attend on your visit to the country. Argentina is a country overflowing with the colorful and powerful dance of the Tango and you will quickly realize why.

#9: Gauchos

No list titled What is Argentina Famous For would be complete without Gauchos! Synonymous with bravery, expert horse riders, and protector of the cattle and their land, Gauchos have become a National Symbol of Argentina. Tourists can interact with Gauchos, learn horse-back riding and about their rich culture. Located in the countryside are many Argentine cowboy ranches, that host Gaucho shows and fun activities you might want to check out on your visit to the country.

#8: Art

In Argentina, art can be found everywhere. Museums, Street Art, Galleries, and Parks flaunt the rich culture and famous art Argentina is known for. Throughout the centuries, art has transformed from much European-influenced pieces of the past to a more free and contemporary form today. Buenos Aires is a hub for this free-spirited street art and you will surely see amazing wall art around nearly every corner as you explore this booming artsy capital. If you are a Museum Geek, don’t forget to check out our top Museum recommendations!

#7: Wine

If you love wine, you would know that Argentina is one of the top destinations for wine tasting. Local Vineyards with ravishing mountain views are something everyone would enjoy and if that is not enough, you can even horse ride or bicycle your way through these vineyards!  Mendoza, every wine lover’s paradise should be on your bucket list. Next time you are headed to Argentina, consider a wine tasting tour!

#6: Soccer (Futbal)

Soccer or futbal truly is the sport of South America and Argentina is one of the most talented and most recognized members of the FIFA. People love futball so much that there is also a Women National Team! During a match on Sunday, thousands of tourists rush to the stadium to watch a game and support their favorite team. Football is more like culture rather than just sport in Argentina. If you are truly looking for an adventure, watch a football game in Buenos Aires for a fantastic experience that you won’t forget!

But wait!

There are still 5 more AMAZING things on our list of What is Argentina Famous For?

#5: Steak

Argentina is definitely famous for the ultimate and supreme steak. Their most popular meal is the “Asado” or “Parrillada”, a mixed grill of steak and a variety of other cuts, including meat and sausages. Order an excellent wine and delicious steak on your trip and your taste buds will thank you. There is a lot of variety of steak in the country, here is a guide on how to order your favorite steak while you are in Argentina.

#4: Ushuaia – The End of the World

Ushuaia, the resort town in Argentina is often called “End of the world” because it is the southernmost tip of the continent. Ushuaia is also The Gateway to Antartica and it is where you will have to venture set off on an Antartica cruise. Nestled between the Andean ranges, Ushuaia serves as a base for Argentine Navy. A beautiful snow-capped city with a lot to offer, hop aboard an Antartica Cruise and witness the most miraculous journey- from the end of the world to the last frontier (Antarctica). Truly a life-changing experience.

#3: Buenos Aires

Next up on our list of What is Argentina Famous For is, of course, Buenos Aires, the European-styled-capital of Argentina. Truly the heart and soul of the country, Buenos Aires is a city you will surely fall in love with. Old colorful neighborhoods, energetic nightlife, delicious food, Tango and so much more- BA has to be at the top of your list if you are headed to Argentina.

#2: Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is not only a must-see destination in South America but in the entire world! Jaw dropping and astounding, witnessing Iguazu falls is a life-changing experience. Millions of tourists from around the world travel to explore this natural world wonder that splits between Brazil and Argentina. The only question now is…when are you going?

Last up on our list of What is Argentina Famous For is, of course…

#1: Patagonia

A list of What is Argentina Famous For would not be complete without mentioning Patagonia. Patagonia takes the top spot on our list because it is truly one-of-a-kind in both its beauty and its luxury. Hike amongst towering peaks or relax in an eco-camp while drinking local wine and conversing with the locals. There is truly something for everyone in Patagonia. Take a Patagonia Cruise, trek along the W Trek, explore the more rugged and remote O Trek, kayak the Marble Caves, or cross into Chile and explore a whole other world that only a Patagonia Tour can offer. This place should be on EVERYONE’S bucket-list.

That is not all!

Did you love learning all about What Argentina is Famous For? Stay up-to-date with all the latest South American News by visiting our blog!

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Last updated on July 8th, 2021 at 10:14 am

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