What is Colombia Famous for?
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What is Colombia Famous for?

9 min read

Feb 28, 2018


By Saloni Gupta

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2024 at 06:45 am

What is Colombia Famous for?

A long time ago, Colombia was not a top destination for tourists. However, those days are now long gone. The country of Colombia is emerging and trending as a top tourist destination in South America… and it is easy to see why! From the Caribbean’s mesmerizing beaches to the mighty Andes Mountains, to the mystical Amazon Rainforest to historic, colonial cities, Colombia is now on every traveler’s bucket list. There are endless places to see and things to do in Colombia. Follow along with us, as we discuss the question: What is Colombia Famous for? Discover fun facts about Colombia, the top activities to do in Colombia, the must-visit places in Colombia and more!

Here we go!

First up on the list of What is Colombia Famous for is…

Colombia Coffee & The Valley de Cocora

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, Colombia is your dream destination! Located in the heart of the Andean Range is Colombia’s fertile coffee triangle. This region is famous for producing some of the world’s most delicious espresso. Ideal weather conditions and its geographical location have a strong hand in why world-famous coffee is produced here. What’s in it for tourists? Visit this region for an unforgettable experience where you can tour the farms, taste an assortment of coffee beans, learn how coffee is produced and admire the beautiful Andean Ranges. After exploring Colombia coffee in-depth, go horseback riding or hiking in the Cocora Valley for some of the best views of the sprawling terrain. Don’t forget to spot the tall palm trees, also known as Colombia’s National tree! We also HIGHLY recommend a Colombian Coffee Tour if you are in the area. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sample some of the best coffee in the entire world! what-is-colombia-famous-for-coffee

Next up, Emeralds

Looking for some new jewelry? We’ve got news for you! Colombia is famous for the mines of Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez located in the Andes Mountains. This region produces the world’s finest Emeralds. In fact, about 70-90% of the Emeralds in the world come from Colombia! These stones are so pure and beautiful that they are amongst the highest priced. Head to Colombia and tour the emerald mines. Witness the world best emeralds, learn how emerald is extracted, and get a better understanding of the Colombian emerald mining business. what-is-colombia-famous-for-emerald

Colombian Art and Colombian Artists

The art and culture of Colombia have their roots associated with the 16th-century conquest by Spain. Since then, the art and culture in Colombia have transitioned from traditional to more freestyle and contemporary. Art is infused in every city of the country, especially the old neighborhoods. The museums have excellent collections of ancient art, where one can see how it all began and how it transitioned. Bambuco, Porro, and Mapale are traditional dance forms in Colombia. The Merengue and Salsa might be the most popular dance forms, however, they did not truly originate in Colombia. Did you know that Colombia is famous for its very talented and famous artists, who are renowned worldwide? Some of them are Shakira, Fernando Botero Angulo, Juanes, Maluma, and many, many more! Don’t overlook Colombia’s Art Scene! Go for a culture tour around Colombia! what-is-colombia-famous-for-art

Colombian Sports

The people of Colombia enjoy all kind of sports, but Colombia is most famous for futball (soccer). Futball is more like a culture or festival rather than just a sport. When the team is playing, every Colombian is watching and cheering. It is quite a sight on game day! Juan Pablo Montoya, Nairo Quintana, Mariana Pajón and Edgar Rentería are a few world-famous Colombian athletes. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, Colombia offers a lot for all types of athletes to test their skills. You can do activities like rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, trekking and a lot more! If you’re more of a spectator than a player, get tickets to one of Colombia’s soccer matches!

Diversity of Flora and Fauna

Colombia is famous for its rich biodiversity. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most biodiverse countries in the world! As National Geographic says, Colombia is “home to 10% of the world’s flora and fauna species, this nation is blossoming into the world’s next ecotourism hotspot.” Here are some facts:

  • Colombia ranks #1 in bird and orchid species diversity
  • It also ranks #2 in plants, butterflies, freshwater fishes and amphibians
  • Colombia has an amazing 314 types of ecosystems
  • Lastly, Colombia is home to 1,879 species of birds

What’s in it for tourists? Embark on a Wildlife Colombia Tour! Keep your camera ready, always! Spot as many varieties of plants and animals you can. what-is-colombia-famous-for-biodiversity

Up next on the list of What is Colombia Famous for is…..

Colombian Food!

Colombia is famous for its rich and flavorful food. Each region of the country has its own specialty when it comes to cuisine. Made with exotic spices and indigenous ingredients, Colombia’s traditional dishes will definitely satisfy your taste buds like never before. A typical dish is made up of beans, rice, potatoes, meats and local spices. When in Colombia, you must try their traditional food, or your trip is incomplete! What’s in it for tourists? Here is a list of MUST try foods, when in Colombia! Let us know which dish you liked the best! what-is-colombia-famous-for-food

Hold up, read on to find What Colombia is really famous for!

Colombia’s AMAZING National Parks

Now that we know that Colombia is mega-diverse and it is safe to assume that the country has an abundance of AMAZING National Parks and protected areas. Yes, Colombia is a haven for National Park Enthusiasts! The country features 58 protected areas and National Parks that include coral reefs, deserts, Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain ranges, indigenous protected lands, ancient ruins and a lot more! Confused which National Park to visit? We got you covered! Here is a list of 5 MUST see National Parks in Colombia. What’s in it for tourists? Stay in Tayrona National Park in Northern Colombia, where you can relax on the white-sand beaches off the Caribbean coast. what-is-colombia-famous-for-national-parks

Romanic and Beautiful Cartagena

Colombia is famous for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the port city of Cartagena. Venture down by the sea where you will find Old Town, which dates back to the 16th-century. In this area, you can walk on charming cobblestone streets and gaze at colorful colonial buildings. You’ll soon understand why Cartagena is undoubtedly one of the most historic cities of Colombia, flaunting its vibrantly painted historic buildings and pristine beaches. What’s in it for tourists?  Sign up for Segway tour of the city, indulge in authentic Colombian cuisine, walk past flowering balconies and through pleasant plazas, visit historic museums and relax on the shores of beautiful beaches. Cartagena is a destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. If you’re looking for more, here is a list of things to do when in Cartagena.  what-is-colombia-famous-for-cartagena

Breathtakingly Beautiful Medellín

Colombia is famous for Medellín, also known as the “City Of Eternal Spring”. Situated in a beautiful valley, Medellín is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The spring-like temperatures not only support the blossoming of gorgeous flowers but also attract thousands of tourists. Another reason why Medellín is famous is because of it’s fun and incredible nightlife. The only question now is, when are you going to Medellin? What’s in it for tourists? Medellín is a big city and has a LOT to offer for every kind of traveler. For more information, here is a list of things to do in Medellín


Booming Bogotá

Colombia is famous for Bogotá, a city with a perfect blend of historic remnants and modern-day spectacles. This capital of Colombia is also one of the highest altitude cities in South America sitting at 2,600 meters above sea level. Often referred to as the beating heart of Colombia, this city is incredibly diverse and beautiful. What’s in it for tourists? In this high altitude, sprawling, and historic capital city, you will find so much to do! Famous museums, street art, markets, great food, beautiful settings, Bogotá has got it all. For more information, check out this list. what-is-colombia-famous-for-bogota

Caño Cristales – The River of 5 Colors

Known as the most beautiful river in Colombia or the River of 5 Colors, Caño Cristales is located inside the National Park, La Macarena. Truly an extraordinary creation of nature, this river is often called “Liquid Rainbow” as it contains yellow, green, blue, black and red colored rocks and plants. What’s in it for tourists? Trek along the liquid rainbow to see the spectacular waterfalls and natural pools. Take pictures, swim, and enjoy the astonishing views of this paradisiacal place. what-is-colombia-famous-for-caño-cristales

Last up on our list of What is Colombia Famous for is…

(Drum Roll Please)

San Andres and Providencia – Home of Colombia’s Incredible Beaches

How could we forget about Colombia’s beaches and islands? Located in the Caribbean, are these treasures called San Andres and Providencia islands. Just a two-hour flight away from Colombia, these island paradises offer a spectacular scenario for relaxation. San Andres boasts perfect weather throughout the year, and its lush vegetation makes this place one of the “must see” Colombia beaches. Here is a list of other must-see beaches in Colombia. What is in for tourists? San Andres and Providencia is the ideal island for scuba divers seeking to explore the coral reefs. Go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, relax on the beach and enjoy spectacular seafood dishes. Here is a list of things to do! Now you can seamlessly craft your dream trip to South America. Learn How. what-is-colombia-famous-for-san-andres

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