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Amazon Adventure Tours

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Amazon Adventure Tours

Adventure Activities in the Amazon Rainforest

Browse these adventure activities in the Amazon Rainforest, and choose the type of Amazon adventure tour that appeals to you. Whether you want a thrilling zip-line ride or just a gentle kayak ride through Amazon tributaries.

The Amazon Rainforest is inherently a place for adventure. Once you enter the jungle, you're in the midst of the great outdoors, where monkeys, macaws, insects, and other wildlife are the kings. Even the vegetation is alive and growing. But for those who want more thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities to enjoy while in the Amazon Rainforest, then read on.

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Rainbow over Lake Sandoval in Peru
 flag  flag

Expedition Down the Tambopata River at Reserva Amazonica

5 Days / 4 Nights

  • Excursion to the native Ese-Ejas community of Palma Real
  • Gamitana Creek
  • Lake Sandoval
  • Overnight and full board at Reserva Amazonica
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Typical activities while at an Amazon jungle lodge or Amazon river cruise include hiking through the forests, canoeing or kayaking down gentle river tributaries, rides in motorboats to see birds and wildlife, walks up canopy towers or canopy walkways, and nighttime walks and boat rides to spot caiman. More exciting Amazon adventure tours include zip-lines, camping and jungle survival excursions, white water rafting, rappelling, and more.Browse these adventure activities in the Amazon Rainforest, ... Show More


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Wonderful, Well Organized, and Trustworthy

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