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How to get to Antarctica | A South America Travel Expert Explains!
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Adventure Tours

How to get to Antarctica | A South America Travel Expert Explains!

5 min read

Jun 4, 2018


By Gabe Scalise

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Figuring out how to get to Antarctica can be hard. Do you leave from Chile or Argentina? Should you skip the Drake Passage & fly from Punta Arenas or Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego? Or, should 2018 / 2019 be the year you get an Antarctica Cruise Package with stops in the Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, and more? Learn all this and more today in this one-of-a-kind article titled, ‘How to get to Antarctica’ The first step in figuring out how to get to Antarctica is to get some background on the many ways that it is possible to travel to Antarctica. People constantly ask us just what way is best. Today, let’s get you an answer for how do you get to Antarctica in this Antarctica Travel Blog. In general, there are 3 primary ways to get to Antarctica.

The first and by far most popular way of how to get to Antarctica is on a commercial cruise tour.

how-to-get-to-antarctica-boat Commercial Cruise Tours to Antarctica are definitely the most popular way to travel to Antarctica. These Antarctica Cruises offer shore visits, land excursions, boat excursions, and more! One of the most popular companies that take guests to Antarctica on a commercial cruise tour is Australis. Australis offers tours of Antarctica and Patagonia, with their 2 most popular routes being their 4-night Fjords of Tierra del Fuego or 4-night Patagonian Explorer Tour. offers a classic commercial cruise tour to Antarctica titled the Best Antarctica Ushuaia CruiseThis classic Antarctica cruise takes care of all your worries in how to get to Antarctica by departing directly from Ushuaia, Argentina. Highlights along this 14-day, 11-day or 8-days Antarctica cruise include Beagle Channel & Mackinlay Pass, Drake Passage, South Shetland, the Antarctic Peninsula, and of course Petermann Island, where you will get up close and personal with the gentoo penguins colony. Our cruise tours to the ‘White Continent’ are the best Antarctica tours in the world because we can offer the highest standard of quality all the Antarctica Tour Operators. Our tours include:

  • Voyage aboard the polar vessel Ushuaia.
  • All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship including snacks, coffee, and tea
  • All shore excursions and activities
  • Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership by experienced expedition staff
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges
  • All transfers
  • English-speaking guides

To take an Antarctica Cruise Tour, you must fly to Ushuaia from either Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact,’s own Rebecca Deering recently learned just how to get to Antarctica when she set sail from Ushuaia on her dream Antarctica Cruise. See all her photos and more in her recently blog post, Visit Antarctica in 2018: A Photo Guide!

The second most popular way of how to get to Antarctica is by air on an Antarctica Sightseeing Flight.

how to get to antarctica fly When researching how to get to Antarctica, one of the key issues can be time. An Antarctica cruise takes time. We know this better than anyone as we plan trips from 7-days to 3 months all through the continent of Antarctica, including Argentina, Patagonia, and Chile. We are truly experts and realize that when traveling from very far away, you will lose time flying and connecting along the way. In another blog post on our website, we made a case for skipping the Drake Passage and flying directly to Antartica. Some of the huge PROS of doing this are:

  • You have more time in Antarctica
  • You can avoid boats and the chance of getting seasick!
  • You get a perspective while getting to Antarctica that very few people get the chance to see.

That being said, some of the CONS of flying to Antarctica are:

  • Potential flight delays due to weather
  • Cost

As you can see, it totally depends on what type of traveler you to exactly answer the question of how to get to Antarctica. While flying by air on an Antarctica sightseeing flight is a great way to visit Antarctica, it also has many cons and is less comfortable than a cozy room aboard an Antarctica cruise ship. This question of how would you get to Antarctica is something an Expert South America can help you decide, and lucky for you, we are always eager to help guests plan their dream trip to The White Continent.

Finally, the least popular way of how to get to Antarctica is on a solo-expedition or hired expedition from Ushuaia.

The reason this is low on our list of how to get to Antarctica is that this is dangerous, costly, and tough to plan. Traveling to Antarctica is best done on a luxury Antarctica Cruise Tour from Ushuaia and for the reason, we highly recommend this as the way to go for all our guests.

To Summarize

In conclusion, when answering the question of how to get to Antarctica, many variables need to be taken into account. There is really no cheap or free way to get to Antarctica. When exploring the cost to go to Antarctica, it is vital to consider how you can save money by doing a full tour of Argentina or Patagonia while you are at it. At, we recommend all of our guests to take an all-inclusive Commercial Antarctica Cruise tour from Ushuaia.  The best part is that these Antarctica cruise tours can easily be combined with a Brazil Tour, Argentina Tour, Chile Tour, and so much more!

Did You Love Learning All About How to Get to Antarctica? Stay Up-To-Date With All The Latest South American News By Visiting Our Blog!

Planning Your Own Journey To Antarctica?


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